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1. What is Debtors Africa?

Debtors Africa is a searchable database of delinquent debtors and their indebtedness in Africa. Kindly read more about us HERE

2. What are Debtors Africa’s activities?

Debtors Africa is involved in:

  • Delinquent Debt Analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Recovery Services

Kindly read more about our services HERE

3. Must the debt be delinquent before it is listed?

Yes, our focus is on Delinquent and Recalcitrant Debts. To contribute to the list, kindly click HERE

4. When is a debt considered Delinquent?

The general definition of a Delinquent Debtor is any individual or entity that fails to meet the contractual obligation relating to his/her debt, while recalcitrant debtors are those who are unwilling to pay up their debts and have become very difficult to deal with thus making debt recovery an arduous task.

Becoming a Subscriber

5. Who can subscribe to Debtors Africa?

Anyone (an individual or corporate entity) can subscribe to Debtors Africa especially those that are involved in business related activities that require contractual financial obligations from the other party. Kindly subscribe HERE

6. How can I subscribe to Debtors Africa?

Subscription is easy, just click on SUBSCRIBE at the top header; then fill the REGISTRATION FORM.

7. What benefits do I get from subscribing to Debtors Africa?

By subscribing to Debtors Africa, you are able to:

  • Search for Delinquent Debtors in Africa using the Company Name or the name of the Directors of a company
  • Track the progress of a delinquent debt and other related information to the Debt
  • Receive and Monitor Credible and Reliable information on Debt Related Activities in Africa
  • Mine Delinquent Debtors Data by Sector, Amount Owed, and more

8. Is my information protected when I subscribe?

Yes, all data provided such as your email and password are protected because the platform is secure and follows best practice standards. Kindly view our Privacy Policy HERE

9. Are there guidelines on how to use your platform?

Yes, there are. Kindly read our Terms and Conditions of use HERE

10. Do you provide periodic alerts on debt information?

Yes, we do. We recently partnered with leading financial information providers in Africa like Proshare to ensure you receive up to date information about Debt related activities in Africa. You can subscribe to our newsletter HERE

11. Do I have to pay to receive these alerts?

Access to our newsletters is FREE. However, you must first create an account to constantly receive our newsletters on debt, credit and other related debt information across Africa.

12. Can I deactivate my account and reactivate again after few months?

Yes, you can log in and out of the platform as you wish.

13. What do I do if I forget my password?

Just click the Forget Password button on the login page HERE

14. How can I contact you?

You can contact us via mail at info@debtorsafrica.com or fill our contact form HERE

Becoming a Contributor

15. How can I list a Delinquent Debt?

To become a contributor, Click HERE

16. Who can list a delinquent debt on Debtors Africa?

Banks, Loan Fintech Companies, Credit companies, Cooperatives, Tax authorities, Private businesses, government agencies, Utilities providers, etc. can list their delinquent debtors and their indebtedness on the platform.

17. How do I make changes to a listing I have made?

To make changes to your listings, kindly login, download the “upload templates” and reload them with the correct information. You can also add information that would help subscribers track your listings.

18. What value would Debtors Africa offer me as a Contributor?

With Debtors Africa, you can do more than Name and Shame your Debtors to achieving debt resolutions because Debtors Africa does the following:

  • Provides a clear path to pressurize action and resolution
  • Provides Intelligence
  • Shows Transparency
  • Helps you manage communications and other narratives around your debtors information
  • Facilitate regular tracking
  • Enhance future predictions
  • Takes off the burden of managing your delinquent debtors off you.
  • Serves as a risk management support and debt resolution mechanism
  • Serves as a tool for due diligence checks
  • Enhances Fraud Management
  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Watch our Video to see how it works HERE

19. Who do I contact if I am having challenges with Uploading my Data?

We have a robust system to address any challenge you may have in the course of making use of the platform. You can chat us up on the Live Chat on the Home Page or send an email to support@debtorsafrica.com

20. Can a Debtor request for a delisting of his/her name on the platform?

Yes, Debtors can request for a delist of their names.

However, only contributors can delist the names of the debtors they upload to the platform after debt resolution. Thus, we refer any request for delist to the contributors for their action.

Names added to our platform can only be removed with the agreement of the creditor. We will not unilaterally delist a verified debtor from our platform.

For any other enquiry not address here, kindly fill our contact form HERE, send an email to info@debtorsafrica.com or call 0700DEBTORS (+234-700-332-8677)