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60.08% of all outstanding debt is held by only 15% of the debtors

Outstanding Debt
60.08 %

Top 2 debtors are in the Transportation and Construction industry and represents 24.8% of the debt exposure

Top 2 Debtors
24.8 %

The New Approach

In a continent where society has established an above average tolerance for “naming and shaming” defaulters, there is a low threshold for preventing ‘recalcitrant debtors’ who cut across the spectrum of all social classes and sectors.

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We curate and warehouse data on recalcitrant and delinquent debtors. Our list is fully updated in real time and provides an accurate picture of the status of listed debtors.

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Need to find Delinquent Debtors?

We are a repository of Delinquent Debtors Information and we help organization with Debt Recovery...


The Case for a New Industry Approach

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Debt/Non-Performing Loans Situation in the Nigerian Banking Industry, with specific focus on:

  • The Industry & its Debt Position
  • Definition of a delinquent debtor and how this has changed over the years including how banks end up with one
  • The Sectors & Regions affected & Impact on GDP
  • Provisions of the law as regards credit collection and recovery in Nigeria
  • The AMCON approach, lessons learnt, the new route and role for banks to take these on themselves
  • Case Study of approaches adopted in recovering debt; and
  • Next Steps and Lessons a New Approach offers for potential new acquisitions of troubled banks
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100 Days After CBN's Board Removal: Know When to Hold, Fold and Walk Away
Sunday, 03 October 2021
100 Days After CBN's Board Removal: Know When to Hold, Fold and Walk Away

Beyond the complex numbers of an analyst's spreadsheet, Kenny Rogers's The Gambler song plays softly in the background to FBN's recent saga. Holding, folding, and walking away is simple but not random; the poker or bridge cards tell a story, and the hero at the end of the tale is the player that discerns the moves of others and creates an opportunity to ride upon their foibles.

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ARMA: Forecasting FBNH's Year-End Share Price
Friday, 01 October 2021
ARMA: Forecasting FBNH's Year-End Share Price

The R-software employed for this report provides several powerful dynamic forecasting tools: the ARMA model. The ARMA model itself selects the ideal AR and MA orders required to forecast stock prices. The auto-regressive component addresses the changes in current stock prices arising from their correlation with their lags.

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100 Days After CBN's Board Removal: The Analyst Buggy Train
Thursday, 30 September 2021
100 Days After CBN's Board Removal: The Analyst Buggy Train

Technical Analysis The Objective: To evaluate the returns on the FBNH stock compared to those of tier one banks and the NGX Index. To ascertain the relative volatility or risk associated with the FBNH stock again with comparison; and To employ the Auto-regressive Moving Average model to predict future (majorly short-term) market trends.

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FBN Holdings Valuation: Turning the Analyst's Lenses on FBNH's Value
Wednesday, 29 September 2021
FBN Holdings Valuation: Turning the Analyst's Lenses on FBNH's Value

Proshare analysts adopted an earnings approach to the valuation of FBNH in the absence of annual dividends that would have allowed the analysts to value the company based on how much the company had paid its shareholders over the last five years. The analysts noted that other market professionals might object to the use of the discount factor and prefer a market-multiple approach. However, to avoid the arbitrariness associated with determining the riskiness of FBNH's business and the appropriate discount factor, they chose not to estimate future earnings discounted by the company's weighted cost of capital.

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